A downloadable tool for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Cassetter is a MIDI controlled granular sampler. It was created as a companion application to the livecoding environment ORCΛ

Powered by ToneJS, Svelte and Electron.

First you need to select the folder in which the required samples are stored in the wav format. Now you can select a sample for each channel.

The sampler receives MIDI CC signals. Knob 0 starts the sample, the rest set the parameter value.

Knob 0 has 4 values:

  • o - Play a sample once;
  • l - Play a sample loop;
  • r - Play a sample once in reverse;
  • q - Play a sample loop in reverse;

For example, a signal !40o will play a sample on channel 4 once.

Other values will stop playback.

Other knobs range from 0 to z.


cassetter 0.0.1.exe 40 MB
cassetter-0.0.1.AppImage 68 MB
cassetter-0.0.1.dmg 61 MB


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